RD ImagineCreate a Dynamic Brand, from bottom up to inside out. “I get it”. Guests rarely say this out loud but they think it. The restaurant either feels right or it doesn’t. Whether your concept is pizza takeout or 5-star dining, the dots have to connect. Guests and team members must have a sense of comfort and confidence – emotions that support the concept vision.

Creating a dynamic brand begins with the concept idea that must be fully developed. If you do not paint a detailed picture, how would you expect anyone involved, from your banker to your bartender, to “get it” and then translate it into brick and mortar? Therefore, we progressively elaborate your concept idea into a detailed Brand Map.

Restaurant Dynamics creates Brand Maps that present a concept vision of Environment, Food and Beverage, and Service, which connects the dots to form a comprehensive Business Plan.


RD DevelopDevelop your project using Project Management Processes. Develop and implement the right tools and solutions for your operation. Choosing effective tools takes an understanding of how team members learn and engage, with a knowledge of technology solutions that make working less hectic and stressful.

At Restaurant Dynamics, we provide you with the right tools for success:

  • Customized staffing, operations, marketing, and financial “tool kits” for your operation.
  • A complete “owners manual” designed specifically for your concept.
  • Advice on technology solutions that can improve all aspects of your business.
  • Project management services from small to large projects.

A Project Management Process is essential for bringing any project to completion within the constraints of scope, time, and resources.


RD InspireGame On! Are your “12’s” working for you? The 12th man concept goes back may generations to the start of the 20th century[1]. In 1984 the Seattle Seahawks took it to new heights when they retired the 12th man Jersey. Some would say they designed Century Link Field to maximize the effect of the 12th man.

Just like football, restaurant teams are inspired from the inside out and from the bottom up. In turn, team members inspire guests to return and return often:

  • Truth#1: Every minute that team members are focused on problems or themselves instead of solutions or the team, is a minute robbed from guest engagement.
  • Truth # 2: Team members connect on social networks, and every connection they have is a potential raving fan[2] – what are they saying about the working environment?
  • Truth # 3: Guests increasingly use social media to vote your concept up or down, or ignore you all together – what, if anything are they saying about your establishment?
  • Truth # 4: Many restaurants and hotels are mired in the day-to-day tactical battle for business results. They forget that inspiring team members (and guests) needs a clear strategy with the same constant attention, in order to drive ongoing success.

Restaurant Dynamics works from the inside out and from the bottom up to increase your team’s enthusiasm and commitment to your restaurant, with a strong believe that “self managed teams” provide a stronger and more consistent return to ownership.

Restaurant Dynamics works to insure that your marketing plans, social media efforts, and public relations is based on strategy first.

[1] “The 12th Man Football”, a short history as recorded in Wikipedia; here is the link to the page.
[2] “Raving Fans”, Ken Blanchard and Kevin Bowes. Buy the book on Amazon here.


RD deliverDeliver the Vision. Restaurants fail at an alarming rate in their first year of operation due to poorly executed pre and post opening plans. These mistakes include poor training, poor post opening supervision, poor follow up and poor financial planning.

For ongoing operations we have developed a comprehensive problem solving solution we call MARCI to create tangible actions that guarantee success and support improvement:

  • Measure – Take stock of what is going on with guest service and delivery every day.
  • Assess – Identify problems at the root cause.
  • Review – Agree on potential solutions and tangible steps to resolve those problems.
  • Communicate – Inform team, guests and other stakeholders. Gain commitment.
  • Implement – Put changes effectively in place.

We help you craft smart pre and post opening plans to get your concept off on the right foot. We can also provide you with audits that quickly identify revenue and cost savings opportunities.

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